Marathon Series Rd8 – Narrabeen

2017-07-23 All day
Bilarong Reserve, Wakehurst Parkway, Narrabeen, NSW Bilarong Reserve, Wakehurst Parkway, Narrabeen, NSW

Hosted by Manly Warringah Kayak Club at a NEW VENUE (see below for details)

Note that this event is NOT being run from the normal location at MWKC.


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Bilarong, Reserve, Wakehurst Parkway, North NarrabeenNSW

Arrival: Best approach is from Pittwater Rd, Narrabeen

Avoid turning Right across traffic into Bilarong Reserve on Wakehurst Parkway. There is no extra turning lane.

Bilarong – Detailed Layout V1.0 10-7-2017

Bilarong Reserve – Street Location Map V1.0 10-7-2017

Bilarong – External Parking Overview V1.0 10-7-2017

 Is there enough Parking?

We have extensive and exclusive parking inside Bilarong Reserve for approximately 135 cars.

Drive gently and squeeze up. Parking Marshals will assist you to parking.

We have to pay for grass repairs to these normally nice picnic grounds

If you don’t fit into P1 or P2 areas,

– Drive into Bilarong Reserve to the Kayak Drop Off spot 

 – And then go back out and park in the nearby streets. 

Bilarong – Race Map V1.0 10-7-2017