PNSW Marathon Series – 2016 (Updated Rules)

2016-01-04 15:28 - 2016-01-04 15:28

Welcome to 2016, and another new year for Marathon paddlers.

The updated Rules and conditions for the 2016 PNSW Marathon Series are now available (see attached).

There are a few changes to the Rules for this year, and most are as was explained at the Presentation Dinner for the 2015 Series, at Burrill Lake.
The key changes are as follows:

There are nine (9) Races in the 2016 PNSW Marathon Series.
Open Division (25km) has been dropped. (see Rule 1)
Division 1 will be 20km with mandatory portages (where courses allow for portage)
Paddlers promoted to Division 1 may not be required to portage, or complete all portages (see Rule 4b iv)
Division 9 is for paddlers who complete 10km in less than 1:00hr. (see Rule 1)
Division 10 is for paddlers who complete 10km in 1:00 – 1:07. (see Rule 1)
Division 11 is for paddlers who complete 10km in more than 1:07. (see Rule 1)
There shall be no portaging in the 10km distances.
Re-ranking in the 10km distances will be done on times 30 seconds faster/slower than the resepctive brackets (formerly 60 seconds) (see Rule 2i & 2k)
Optional or Voluntary portage is available to paddlers in Divisions 2-6 only and will earn paddlers one (1) ICF Club point for their Club, provided they complete all required portages, and nominate prior to the start of the race. (see Rule 14)
Paddlers must complete at least five (5) Series races to be eligible for end of year prizes, and a minimum of four (4) in the same Division (see Rule 15)
Paddlers six (6) highest scoring races will count towards their end of season point score total. (see Rule 8)
The 2016 PNSW Marathon Series Calendar has been available for some time now, and the Fridge Magnet versions have already been distributed to your Clubs, so you should all know where you need to be, and when.

The first race is on the 27th February at Burley Griffin, and we look forward to seeing everyone again, all fired up and ready to sweat out some of that Xmas and New Year cheer.

You can think of that first race as being preparation for the PNSW State Championships which will be held on 13th March at Narrabeen (hosted by Manly Warringah Kayak Club)

Keep checking the PNSW website and Facebook pages for information on the Event Entry details (system still to be confirmed) which we hope to have available in the next few weeks.

Enquiries in the meantime can be sent to

The PNSW Marathon Committee is still seeking your support and some new blood !!
Anyone who feels that they can help out, or take a turn at running the Series, is encouraged to step forward now.