The office at PaddleNSW is staffed by:

Peter Tate – CEO – Full time
Denise – Book keeper – Part Time
Ros Lawrence – Development Office – Part Time

Office Bearers – Volunteer Roles

Tony Hystek – Chairperson
Anjie Lees – Elected and Vice Chair
Nicole Bartels – Elected Director
Karen Forbes- Appointed Director
Ross Fraser – Elected Director
Kiaran Lomas – Elected Director
Lynn Parker – Elected Director
Chris Thompson – Elected Director
Bob Turner – Appointed Director

Canoe Polo

Craig Hutchison – Chairperson
Richard Andrews
Richard Barnes
Heidi Cheney
Bob Kenderes
Cathy Miller
Nathan Rosaguti


Eileen Callaghan – Chairperson
Tim Coombes
Joseph Dunne
Kim Kaar
John Kelly


Gary Rake – Chairperson
Colin Cussel
Gaye Hatfield

Open Water

Jeremy Spear – Acting Chair
Tony Haines
Tim Hookins
David Jepsen
Steve Newsome
Suzie Rhydderch
Paul Richardson


Gaye Hatfield – Chairperson
David Lunn


John Forsythe – Chairperson
Colin Borrows
John Kelly
Chris Thompson


Laura White – Chairperson
Jeff Beere
Graham Matts
Stephen Shelley

Stand Up

Kiaran Lomas- Chairperson

Wild Water

Peter McIntyre – Chairperson

Education & Training

Lynn Paker – Coordinator
Adrian Clayton
Karen Dallas
Ian Royds
Andy Singh

PaddleSafe/ Waterways

Lynn Parker – Chairperson
Fiona Brown
Jeff Cottrell
Anjie Lees

Dispute Resolution

Robert Tobias – Chairperson
Paul van Koesveld