The Host

PaddleNSW website and email is hosted by Anchor Systems Australia.  We have a total of 250MB available to us as our current website quota. Current use for PaddleNSW is around 50MB, with this expected to double within the year as new functions are added to the site. These include:

  • Classified Ads
  • Chat Room
  • Video content
  • Additional resources for administration, events etc.

Club Maintained Sites within

We envisage up to 20 clubs or paddlesport committees will require limited access to the PaddleNSW website to maintain their own pages in the near future. These pages can be simple html documents or full club websites, however as they are hosted within the PaddleNSW framework, they will be sub-directories of our site. So, for example, your club site will appear as unless you have a domain name provider which can redirect your site visitors to your PaddleNSW club page.   

PaddleNSW maintained Club Pages

The alternative to the above will be that PaddleNSW maintains a club’s page based on information provided by the club. For smaller clubs, and those without expertise or access to the necessary tools, this will be the more effective means of maintaining a club presence. This is a free service.  

Clubs Master Page

We may design another master page for Club websites so they have more room available for their information. If so, this should happen shortly.  

Website Design Programme

PaddleNSW uses WordPress, which is very user friendly for people with limited experience in website design. There are condensed download versions of this programme available free of charge.

PaddleNSW is unable to provide web design programmes for clubs so there will be a variety of different looks throughout the PaddleNSW website, depending on the programme the club has chosen. This can be seen as an advantage, enabling clubs to develop a unique look to their own pages, and not be restricted to a standard framework as offered under the previous national model.  

Guidelines for Use

  • Total content for each club is limited to 5MB free of charge. This can be determined easily from your file information, and once loaded will be checked by the webmaster periodically. 5MB is ample for most club sites. Please keep photos to less than 70KB per photo.
  • Club Sites must be maintained on a very regular basis. Out-of-date information does not do anyone any favours, and merely increases scepticism of visitors to the accuracy of the information provided on the site. Out of date sites will be suspended until updated.
  • Club contact details must be updated immediately once new committee members are elected.
  • No commercial use is permitted via the site, except to acknowledge the sponsors of a club or paddlesport committee. Links to sponsors sites will be permitted, as will links to any paddle related information site such as
  • The website is designed for the benefit of members of PaddleNSW, and not as a commercial venture. All decisions made regarding the PaddleNSW website are made with the best interests of the members of PaddleNSW at heart.
  • No defamatory material will be accepted on the site. Criticism of events or the actions of persons involved in the sport should be directed to the relevant person or committee. Dirty linen does not make for an attractive sporting landscape and the website is a very public landscape.
  • Please do not duplicate unnecessarily any information contained within the PaddleNSW website. One weather link and one tide link on the website should suffice. If you feel other information would be of benefit to the general membership, please let PaddleNSW know.   

How to load your Club Page

  • Contact the PaddleNSW webmaster to receive your account settings, including your username and password. Your username will most likely be your Club name as an acronym.
  • PaddleNSW will load an index page on your site page which you will replace with your own.
  • PaddleNSW has most likely posted information on your club page already. You will need to co-ordinate a time with the PaddleNSW webmaster, to synchronise replacement of this information with your index page.
  • You will be able to upload your own index using any proprietary ftp programme.  

PaddleNSW Webmaster

Can be contacted on for any questions regarding access to the PaddleNSW website.