Welcome to PaddleNSW Inc

PaddleNSW commenced operation in 2008, and is the state organisation (SSO) for all paddlesports and recreational paddling in NSW and the ACT. It is affiliated with Australian Canoeing, the National governing body for paddlesports (NSO).
It has 35 affiliated paddling clubs throughout NSW and the ACT and a combined membership exceeding 1500.

PaddleNSW strategic direction is determined by its 7-member volunteer Board of Management, which meets officially on a monthly basis, but more often on the water.

PNSW head office is currently located in Olympic Park, managed by full-time CEO Peter Tate, and other part time staff including a bookkeeper and paddlesports development officer.

Whatever your paddling preference, PaddleNSW has events and information that will help you get more from your paddling. Within the organisation are several paddlesport committees, responsible for organising events and development. These include Marathon, Open Water Racing, Slalom, Canoe Polo, Freestyle, Sprint and Recreational paddling. Their activities are outlined elsewhere in this website.

If you are a member of a NSW paddlesport club, you are also (or should be) a member of PaddleNSW. In most cases, memberships of both club and PaddleNSW are processed at the same time. Each club sets its own membership fees, while the additional PaddleNSW membership fees and categories are the same for all club members.

Postal Address
PaddleNSW inc
PO Box 6971
Silverwater NSW 2128
Phone: 02 8736 1254

8 Parkview Drive, Level 2, Quad 1
Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2129