Myall Paddle Scrabble 2019

This year there will be a fun and challenging recreational event held in conjunction with the Myall Classic – the Myall Classic Paddle Scrabble! Organised by River Canoe Club, this event is a paddlegaine with a brain-teasing twist and some eco action. A paddlegaine is an event where you paddle to as many checkpoints on a map as you can in a given number of hours; checkpoints are worth different amounts of points depending on how far away they are and how difficult they are to find, so a lot of strategy comes into choosing the checkpoints your team will visit and route you’ll take. In this Paddle Scrabble event, each checkpoint will also have a bunch of letters at it that spell a word, and extra points can be gained by working out – unscrabbling – the word. Extra points can also be gained by collecting rubbish, and photographing birds and wildlife. So – a fun way to explore the beautiful southern Myall Lakes region, test your kayaking fitness, strategizing skills and word prowess, and share some laughs with teammates and others.

You can continue the fun in the evening by going to the world-touring Paddling Film Festival, hosted by Lazy Paddles at Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest. A bunch of Paddle Scrabblers will also be camping at Jimmy’s Beach for the weekend, so you can hang out further with everyone there. A fun, social weekend awaits! Grab some friends or family, form a team and register now to receive early bird prices!

“Organisers undertaking a reccy to find suitable spots for checkpoints. A lot of planning goes into this unique event!

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